About Don O’Bannon

Don O’Bannon’s goal is to portray in strong visual images the experience of African American life which highlights and fosters an appreciation for the significant achievements and contributions of African Americans in the diaspora across the broad spectrum of human achievement.

Mr. O’Bannon’s paintings portray images of life, social, political and personal that highlight his own world view but are universal themes that bind us together.  Using bold colors and strong images, his original art work seeks to combine realism, detailed images and imagination to capture the essence of a subject or scene.  People and images fascinate him, and, in his art, he strives to portray the personality traits that make human beings so uniquely engaging and the African American experience. Mr. O’Bannon is inspired by life and beauty. He paints and draws intuitively letting the power and spirit of the image slowly emerge from a blank canvas.

Mr. O’Bannon’s art work has been shown at the African American Museum in Dallas and galleries and shows throughout the United States. Mr. O’Bannon was selected by the Irving Black Art Counsel in 2017 as a featured artist. Mr. O’Bannon’s art work has been presented at juried shows such as the Red River Revel and the Harlem Fine Arts Shows.

In describing his artistic journey, Mr. O’Bannon wrote: "I have always loved art and the challenge of painting a three-dimensional image on a two- dimensional surface. Art reflects our unique life experiences. It captures a moment in time that reflects not only who we are now but our rich cultural history. I started drawing when I was old enough to hold a pencil and have continued to sketch and paint throughout most of my childhood and early adolescence. I have an affinity for interesting faces and landscapes. I feel like I have come full circle from those early years when my highest aspiration was to be an artist. I have always collected black art and surround myself with paintings, prints and lithographs from a wide variety of classical and contemporary artists, Pablo Picasso, John Biggers and Jacob Lawrence”.

Mr. O’Bannon is a graduate of Dartmouth College, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree and received his law degree from the University of Virginia. He is admitted to the Texas State Bar. Mr. O’Bannon is married to Marva O’Bannon and has six children.

He takes this opportunity to share his paintings with you. Please contact us at  don@obannonstudios.com. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks for your support.